Frieze Moulding - Twist Spiral Rope

Frieze - Twist Spiral Rope

3/4 view - Shallow relief - Featuring the standard "No Ends"

Frieze Moulding - Twist Spiral Rope


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A wood carved frieze moulding of a rope twist shown in an onlay form but can be placed into required profiles as needed by custom request.  Form is not very thick but accomplishes the look of depth beautifully. See also Pilaster 12.


Carved decorative trim wood Friezes and carved Mouldings are flat backed and carved in 8 lengths, x width and thickness selected in unfinished material of the wood choice selected.  Friezes typically have square edges whereas mouldings and crowns have profiled edges.

Parts are cut to 94" for shipping purposes. 96" lengths require a ONE TIME UPS/FED EX shipping surcharge for 2018 of $75 per box and are GROUND ONLY. 


Borders are as shown. Carved art runs complete length unless by custom request. Optional endings may incur additional charges as described.

Paint grade can be any hardwood available at our shop including wood that may be off color. Stain grade is generally clear, knot free wood like poplar or beech.   Flexible urethane for installations requiring bendable material is also available by inquiry.

LEAD TIMES:  Parts are made to order and lead times for mouldings and frieze are  generally 5-10 business days depending on qty till shipment.  Larger qtys ie., 10+ may require extended times,  please inquire if needed.

Shipment is from Oregon.  Heartwood makes every effort to provide accurate shipping costs and reviews all assigned shipping costs with UPS actuals to check for accuracy of address and rates charged and will notify if a shipping charge needs editing for additional charge or credit.

Special requests for art or other changes are welcome by inquiry and may incur additional design fees.

Discounts available for larger or wholesale quantities, please inquire.

Returns -We do not accept returns without prior authorization and approval in advance.  Returns may be subject to a 25% or greater restocking fee for standard parts that are returned undamaged.  Return value is based on parts only and excludes shipping charges.  All charges and responsibility for returns are borne by the purchaser and are also non-refundable.  Custom parts are non-returnable and non-refundable. 


Door and window casing
Cabinetry accent
Range Hood Design


frieze twisted rope moulding