Carved Panels

These custom carved panels are designed to enhance our living and working environments with textures, patterns and themes and can be applied to walls or inset into cabinets and doors.  Patterns can be repeated or be made continuous across sections. All our art is digital and can therefore be modified, re-sized and scaled to suit your needs. If you don't see what you are looking for let us know and we'll make it for you.

Image Range Hood, Valance, and Fireplace Panels
Range Hood, Valance, and Fireplace Panels

An assortment of carved panel ideas that can be customized for range hood, valance and fireplace mantel applications.

Image Themed Carved Panels - Tropical, Linenfold, Gothic, etc
Themed Carved Panels - Tropical, Linenfold, Gothic, etc

Featuring compositions derived from the natural world and classic motifs, this collection of carved panels can be used as stand alone decor or modified for use in cabinetry and door insert panels.

Image Woven Panels
Woven Panels
Carved weave panels or various forms available as sheet goods or cut to size per request. Available in MDF or hardwoods.
Image Decorative Stackable Panelling - TG-3D
Decorative Stackable Panelling - TG-3D
Carved tongue and groove 1x4 or 1x6 panels for installation in ceilings, wainscoat, backsplash or any location where a panelling product can be installed.
Image Textured and Patterned Panels
Textured and Patterned Panels
Typically abstract these designs feature variations of texture and pattern to create visually distinctive panels for your application.
    decorative carved wood panels and partitions