Moldings, Crowns & Frieze

Decorative wood Carved friezes and moldings are classic architectural details featuring rhythmic patterns of repeated elements. The carved decorative art shown is all digital and run to order. It can be applied into flat wood for a carved frieze or carved into a custom crown profile to suit your carved molding requirements. If you don't see what you are looking for let us know and we'll custom carve it for you.
Image Frieze (Squared Edge Mouldings)
Frieze (Squared Edge Mouldings)
Carved decorative wood Friezes are flat backed, usually square edged mouldings suitable for combination assembly with crown or rail mouldings. Carved decorative friezes typically feature a repeated pattern. All art can be sized to your custom requirements and fitted to crown or chair rail profiles as well.
Image Moldings (Tapered Thickness)
Moldings (Tapered Thickness)
Carved decorative wood Moldings are flat backed, and taper in thickness form top to bottom. They are suitable for combination assembly under crown mouldings and typically feature a repeated pattern. All art can be sized to your custom requirements.
Image Crown Moldings (Ceiling to Wall or Cabinet Tops)
Crown Moldings (Ceiling to Wall or Cabinet Tops)
A selection of carved decorative wood crown and rail mouldings using art from the frieze selections. Heartwood can apply any of the art shown here or in the frieze section to a standard or custom profile crown or chair rail molding. Some examples are shown below.
Image Accent, Detail and  Door Moldings (Small Profiles)
Accent, Detail and Door Moldings (Small Profiles)
Cabinet Door and smaller accent decorative mouldings carved in hardwoods suitable for installation into raised panel doors, or other areas where a where a carved accent detail will bring about the right highlight.
Image Frieze-3D (Square Edge,  Contemporary Line)
Frieze-3D (Square Edge, Contemporary Line)

A line of carved mouldings with a contemporary styling featuring bold patterns and inspirations from textures and organic forms in solid wood to ornament bookcases and furniture,  range hoods, cabinetry,  base mouldings, trims & casings,  architraves and crowns.

Image Base-3D  (Decorative Base Board Molding)
Base-3D (Decorative Base Board Molding)

A line of decorative base molding using patterns and textures from Frieze-3D and other influences suitable for use as baseboard molding.

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