Corner Blocks, Plinths, Rosettes & Medallions

Decorative Wood Corner Blocks, Rosettes, Plinths, and Medallions

Carved decorative wood rosettes, corner blocks, medallions, and plinths are an easy and cost-effective decorative wood accessory. They are often used to decorate window and door casework, cabinetry, range hoods, and furniture. Carved wood rosettes are applied to flat surfaces, while the decorative wood corner blocks with integral carving replace mitered corners and therefore save you time. All carved wood corner block and rosette art is created digitally and carved to order, so it can be sized and custom carved any way you require and added to other products on the site. Check out our wide array of decorative wood corner blocks, plinths, rosettes, and medallions today to find the products for you.

    Our amazing selection of products contains beautiful carved wood accents for window and door casework, range hoods, cabinetry, and more. Browse our products now!