Onlays, Scrollwork, Swags & Medallions

Heartwood Carving carved decorative wood onlays and appliques, are decorative ornaments useful for bringing visual interest to flat areas. Carved onlays and appliques are often used to decorate fireplace mantels, stove or range hoods and cabinetry headers. Many sizes including wide scrolls are standardized but we can custom carve any of the products to suit your preference. 

Image Corner Onlays
Corner Onlays

Corner Onlays are traditionally used to ornament.....corners.   Commonly seen in cabinet door settings but can also be used in fireplace mantels and range hoods.

Image Onlays and Appliques
Onlays and Appliques

Onlays or Appliques (flat backed,  cut outs suitable for onlaying or applying to a surface)  are perfect for adding adornment by applying to an existing surface and can be glued or nailed in place. All art can be manipulated to suit your individual requirements and run to order.

Image Scrolled Onlays and Swags for Wide Applications
Scrolled Onlays and Swags for Wide Applications

Scrolled and running carved wood onlays and appliques are perfect carved accents for flat surfaces requiring a wide layout such as mantels, range hoods and cabinet headers.

Image Medallions and Large Onlays
Medallions and Large Onlays

Medallions are larger circular onlays used as a centerpiece in a coffered ceiling or cabinetry doors where a larger piece is required.  Large Onlays are larger versions of the regular onlays and are used in decorative locations requiring a large presence like walls and gables.

    decorative carved wood onlay applique for cabinet, mantel, range hood decor.