Onlays, Appliques, Scrollwork, Swags & Medallions

Carved Appliques, Onlays, Medallions, Scrollwork, and More

Look no further than Heartwood Carving, Inc. for a wide variety of carved appliques and onlays. Heartwood Carving’s carved decorative wood onlays, appliques, swags, scrollwork, and medallions are decorative ornaments that are useful for bringing visual interest to flat areas. Carved onlays and appliques are often used to decorate fireplace mantels, stove or range hoods, and cabinetry headers. Many sizes of wood overlays such as wide scrolls are standardized, but we can custom carve any of the products shown here to suit your preference. Our selection of machine carved wood carvings and onlays is second to none! Browse our decorative carved appliques and onlays below to see if we have the products for you.

    Heartwood Carving offers a collection of decorative carved accents for flat areas such as fireplace mantels, stove/range hoods, and more. See for yourself!