Pilasters (Flat Back Columns) and Capitals (Tops)

Pilasters are carved flat backed columns useful for ornamenting trim or other flat surfaces. Heartwood offers a range of styles that can be modified to suit your requirements. Many shown with optional capitals.  Capitals can also be purchased separately.

Image Pilasters with Capitals
Pilasters with Capitals

Pilasters with Capitals included. Different capitals may be substituted by request.

Image Pilasters - No Capital
Pilasters - No Capital

Carved Pilasters without capitals ready for your selection of corner block, capital or architrave.

Image Capitals (Flat Back)
Capitals (Flat Back)
Capitals in either full round or flat backed form are traditional methods for completing the top of a column or pilaster.
Image Pilasters - Bookcase Style
Pilasters - Bookcase Style
Carved pilasters and capital that are applied to ornament an open vertical space but without requirement to go to the floor. A good example is the bookcase.
Image Pilasters - Mantel, Bar and Island styles
Pilasters - Mantel, Bar and Island styles
Carved pilasters particularly styled for shorter lengths used on Mantels, Bars and Kitchen Islands.
Image Plinths
A selection of ornamented plinth blocks.