Pilasters (Flat Back Columns) and Capitals (Tops)

Pilasters are carved flat-backed columns that are useful for ornamenting trim or other flat surfaces. Heartwood’s wood pilasters feature a range of styles to suit the unique design of your home. Whether the existing architecture is classic or contemporary, we have several options to choose from. Best of all, we allow custom modifications to ensure your new wood pilaster will fit in seamlessly. If you’re looking for decorative kitchen columns or intricate fireplace pilasters, Heartwood Carving has you covered. Our carefully crafted creations add the perfect architectural touch to your home.

Many of our wood pilasters feature capitals, but we also offer columns without tops. You can also purchase capitals separately. Browse our selection of columns, pilasters, plinths, and more.

    At Heartwood Carving, you can find many styles and custom options in our wood pilaster collection. Our selection includes pilasters with and without capitals.