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Image **New 2018 Catalog**
**New 2018 Catalog**

2018 Catalog - New 20 page color catalog of our most popular items.  Free with your order.

Image Corner Blocks, Plinths , Rosettes and Medallions
Corner Blocks, Plinths , Rosettes and Medallions

Carved decorative wood Rosettes, Corner Blocks, Medallions and Plinths are an easy and cost effective decorative wood accessory. They are often used to decorate window and door casework, cabinetry, range hoods and furniture. Carved wood rosettes are applied to flat surfaces while the carved wood corner blocks with integral carving replace mitered corners and therefor save you time too.  All carved wood corner block and rosette art is created digitally and carved to order so it can be sized and custom carved any way you require and also added to other products on the site.

Image Onlays, Appliques, Scrollwork, Swags & Medallions
Onlays, Appliques, Scrollwork, Swags & Medallions

Heartwood Carving carved decorative wood onlays, appliques, swags, scrollwork and medallions are decorative ornaments useful for bringing visual interest to flat areas. Carved onlays and appliques are often used to decorate fireplace mantels, stove or range hoods and cabinetry headers. Many sizes including wide scrolls are standardized but we can custom carve any of the products to suit your preference. 

Image Finials

Carved decorative wood finials are full round or full square post tops commonly used in stair posts (newel posts) or other decorative projects.

Image Keystones
Decorative carved wood Keystones date back to Roman times and are often used to center an arch or bridge long lengths of molding. They are useful for drawing attention to a central focal point. All Heartwood wood carved art can be applied in a classic keystone shape, integral to the piece or stand off from the surface and custom carved to your requirements.
Image Corbels & Brackets
Corbels & Brackets

Wood carved Decorative Brackets and Corbels are traditional ornament functioning to carry overhanging loads and are frequently used to decorate kitchen islands, stove hoods and mantels.  Carved wood Finials are for topping posts. All carved decorative art shown can be re-sized to suit your needs and custom carved to order, if you don't see what you are looking for let us know and we'll happily make it for you.

Image Columns, Posts, Capitals, Pilasters
Columns, Posts, Capitals, Pilasters

Whether incorporated into decorative mantle surrounds or trimming wood doorways and window casings, carved wood columns and pilasters (flat edged columns) are the most classic component in decorative architecture. Many shown with optional Capitals. All carved wood columns and pilasters feature digitally created decorative art and can therefor be sized and custom carved to order to suit your requirements.

Image Moldings, Crowns & Frieze
Moldings, Crowns & Frieze
Decorative wood Carved friezes and moldings are classic architectural details featuring rhythmic patterns of repeated elements. The carved decorative art shown is all digital and run to order. It can be applied into flat wood for a carved frieze or carved into a custom crown profile to suit your carved molding requirements. If you don't see what you are looking for let us know and we'll custom carve it for you.
Image Decorative Stackable Shiplap Paneling - TG3D
Decorative Stackable Shiplap Paneling - TG3D

Decorative stackable paneling featuring textures and patterns in a shiplap tongue and groove (TG) profile 1x4 or 1x6 for easy installation in ceilings, beams, wainscoat, backsplash or any location where a decorative paneling product can be installed.

Image Carved Panels
Carved Panels

These custom carved panels are designed to enhance our living and working environments with textures, patterns and themes and can be applied to walls or inset into cabinets and doors.  Patterns can be repeated or be made continuous across sections. All our art is digital and can therefore be modified, re-sized and scaled to suit your needs. If you don't see what you are looking for let us know and we'll make it for you.

Image Themed Collections
Themed Collections

Heartwood Carving offers the following showcase of carved wood collections of similar themed wood carved design ideas for decorative trim.    Each carved element can be combined with any other wood carved decor theme to allow you to tailor the combinations to suit your requirements for decorative Window and Door Trims, Mantel components, Cabinetry Accents or Decor and furnishings.

Image Window & Door Trim
Window & Door Trim

Carved Door and Window trim ideas to mix and match to suit your carved trim requirements.

A collection of items that are custom overruns and extra stock, sale priced for immediate shipment. Once gone they are gone.
    Wood carved decorative products corner blocks, rosettes, onlays, mouldings, friezes, corbels, mantels, appliques.