Themed Collections

Heartwood Carving offers the following showcase of carved wood collections of similar themed wood carved design ideas for decorative trim.    Each carved element can be combined with any other wood carved decor theme to allow you to tailor the combinations to suit your requirements for decorative Window and Door Trims, Mantel components, Cabinetry Accents or Decor and furnishings.

Image Acanthus Leaf
Acanthus Leaf

A collection of wood carved acanthus leaf decor and trim products.

Image Bullseye Rosettes and Blocks
Bullseye Rosettes and Blocks

The bullseye rosette is the most common rosette form.  Its name drawn from its association with a "bullseye" target has been installed from colonial to contemporary times.  Its an easy form with many many variants.  Heartwood has been making them for years and most often they are generated from period pieces submitted to us for reproduction.   If you can't find yours let us know and we can make one for you using our custom program.

Image Celtic, Gaelic, and Weaves
Celtic, Gaelic, and Weaves

A collection featuring a variety of carved weaves and Celtic and Gaelic inspired trim decor products which intermingle and compliment.

Image Contemporary, Nouveau and Transitional
Contemporary, Nouveau and Transitional

A growing collection of transitional , nouveau and contemporary carved offerings.

Image Deco and Craftsman
Deco and Craftsman

Examples of carved Art Deco and Craftsman inspired mouldings, onlays & appliques, columns and other architectural details. 

Image Egg and Dart
Egg and Dart

Carved Egg and Dart is one of the most classic forms still in wide use today. Most commonly found in carved moldings, Heartwood can tailor any of the art shown and combine to a standard profile or a custom one of your choosing.

Image Federal and Fluting
Federal and Fluting

Federal and Fluting go hand in hand.  Fluting is the use of a set of half round grooves set into an object and there are many variants including raised versions which resemble daisy petals. It helps create the impression of lightness in a piece.

Image Fleur De Lis
Fleur De Lis

The Fleur de Lis form,  french for "flower of the lily" is prominent in many french inspired carvings and coats of arms.  The form has been stylized into many derivations and a few are offered here as onlays, blocks and scrollworks.  Heartwood is always willing to entertain alternative derivations by request.

Image Gothic and Medieval Carving
Gothic and Medieval Carving

A collection of gothic carving inspired forms.

Image Grapes and Vines
Grapes and Vines
Grapes and Vines carved collection of wood decor trim.
Image Lion and Wolf Carving
Lion and Wolf Carving

Carved Lion heads and Wolf heads are a very popular carved theme and herein is a collection of all the products using carved lion and wolf themed art.

Image Oak Leaf and Acorns
Oak Leaf and Acorns

A collection of carve wood oak leaf and acorn inspired decor and trim products.

Image Pineapple Carving
Pineapple Carving

A collection of carved wood pineapple inspired decor and trim products.

Image Ropes, Twists, Spirals
Ropes, Twists, Spirals

A collection of carved ropes, twists and spirals.

Image Rose Carving
Rose Carving
A series of pieces inspired from a rose flower design featuring a well balanced rose form,  not too rustic and not too formal.
Image Shells, Beaches and Tropical
Shells, Beaches and Tropical

Shells, beaches and tropical themed carved trim decor are popular in a variety of settings from carved colonial to the vacation beach house.

    decorative wood carved ornamental collections of grapes, floral, tropical, traditional, lions, fleur de lis