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Acanthus Leaf Captitals

I received the two Acanthus Leaf Corbels and they are absolutely beautiful!!! The photograph on your website does not do them justice. I am building a custom fireplace mantel and will not hesitate to order additional products from your company. You have excellent quality products; the shipping is fast; and the shipping packaging to the protect the products is outstanding. Thank you so much!!!

Reviewed Wed, Oct 26 2016 11:51 am by

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The perfect upgrade to my fireplace!

I bought 2 corbels, a square tile-like medallion and some oak leaf frieze trim, and let my builder loose with all of them. The end result is a magnificent mantel on what might have been an ordinary stone fireplace. The mantel is on a stone fireplace that extends to the top of a cathedral ceiling. Ordinarily, your eye would be drawn to the stonework, but the mantel is now the showstopper. I'm so glad I discovered Heartwood! I'm looking for places to use their products in the basement that we will be finishing!

Reviewed Mon, Aug 27 2018 7:17 am by

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Random item made the mantel better!

I was looking for trim items for a mantel for our new house. I had no idea what all I would need, but I purchased 2 oak leaf corbels, frieze moulding, and on the spur of the moment, one of these corner blocks. The carpenter was excited to use these products, since he'd never upgraded a mantel in this way. We were discussing the pattern match at the corners of the mantel - definitely something to consider when purchasing the frieze moulding - and he realized that this block, installed as a sort of keystone over the fireplace, would be the solution. He matched the corners perfectly, and still achieved the flow of the vine across the front of the fireplace. The block allowed him to cut and trim, as necessary to get it all to work. I had anticipated having it left over, and am glad I purchased it!

Reviewed Mon, Aug 27 2018 7:22 am by

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Oak leaf and acorn corner block

I was looking for an accent for my pantry door that has an etched oak tree on it. I finally settled for a subtle touch and purchased 2 corner blocks. Wow, they are little works of art. I love them. Now I keep looking for how I can use more. Just beautiful. The quality is superior to any trim or moldings that I seen or used over many years.

Reviewed Wed, May 20 2020 7:10 am by

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2.5" egg and dart crown

Needed to replace the crown torn off our 1911 window headers by previous owner. Nearly exact pattern to match existing (doorways intact). Superb quality. Zero tearout.

Reviewed Mon, Oct 15 2018 9:21 pm by

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Perfect for my mantel upgrade!

Our new mantel was transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of this frieze moulding, 2 oak leaf corbels, and a matching corner block. Because of the difficulties in pattern match at the corners, we inserted the block in the center, as a sort of a keystone, which allowed for perfect pattern matching at the corners. The center cut still allowed for the flow of the vines across the face of the mantel. I would beware of the need for the pattern match, if selecting this trim for anything with corners. The repeat worked well for us, but you may want to insert a decorative feature, in order to give your builder a little flexibility. I purchased stain grade in all items, and found that the frieze and corbels stained equally beautifully. The center tile stained noticeably darker, possibly due to the direction of the grain. However, collectively, these pieces make the overall look of the mantel and people notice it before they notice that the stone goes to the ceiling. Quite a stunning effect and an addition that adds value and interest to what might have been a generic new house.

Reviewed Mon, Aug 27 2018 7:30 am by

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Gothic Spire Molding

The molding is absolutely gorgeous! I'm extremely pleased with the quality and detail-- exactly what I was hoping for. It was well-packaged and arrived quickly.

Reviewed Sat, Sep 09 2017 9:34 pm by

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Oak Leaves and Acorn Onlay

Excellent products. I ordered a couple of oak leaf onlays using red oak. They were expertly done and received in a timely manner.

Reviewed Thu, Dec 21 2017 12:30 pm by

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Review for Fleur de Lis and Scroll Range Hood

Thank you Janet and Joe for helping us design this gorgeous arched panel for our range hood. it is absolutely beautiful and completes our kitchen. We are glad you added it to your site. We know others will enjoy it, too! Luis & Lisa Urias

Reviewed Thu, Jul 06 2017 11:40 pm by

Beautiful Onlays

Absolutely love them. Great finishing touch to my fireplace!

Reviewed Sat, Jul 29 2017 7:38 am by

Pineapple Onlay

This is the finishing touch for my fireplace. Beautiful workmanship. Packed and shipped very well.

Reviewed Thu, Sep 05 2019 5:31 am by

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