The Heartwood Carving Modifications Service allows you to request alterations to existing Heartwood Carving catalog parts. Modifications requests are typically to resize, change scale or proportion, change border, add or substract art, or place the art into different profiles or in combinations.

When  submitting requests please identify the part# you wish to modify, the type of modification (resize, change or subsitute art, change border or edge profile, etc.) and as much detail as you can about dimensions, qty and wood type. You may also submit your own sketch in the form of a .jpg or .pdf. At receipt of the submission we will review and reply with a quotation. Additional fees may or may not be required depending on complexity and qty. Requests requiring sketch or rendering work prior to an order will require a design fee which can often be credited to a later order.

Custom Request

Please describe your project in the message area below. You can include a sketch, drawing, or photo with the "Upload a File" button.