How To Add Architectural Details To A Home

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How To Add Architectural Details To a Home

Feel like giving your interior design some personality? You've tried rearranging furniture, painting the walls, and sprinkling different types of greenery, art, and other decorations throughout the design, but nothing seems to work. The thing your home needs might not be a total style change, but rather some simple architectural upgrades. Architectural details are what make your home unique. Without them, a room would look like little more than a box. If your home is feeling like a box, then the solution is to incorporate beautiful, architectural details into its design. There are many different kinds of architectural details to choose from, so you're sure to find something that suits your preferences. If you're wondering how to add architectural details to a home, these suggestions might spark some inspiration.

Get Creative With Corbels

A corbel is, essentially, a bracket. It protrudes from the wall and is designed to carry supplemental weight. Corbels are big, bold, and highly noticeable, which makes them the perfect type of detail to add if you want to make a statement. They were popular in medieval Europe, and hand-carved ones were commonly used as an architectural detail in estates and castles. You can incorporate corbels into your home décor in a variety of unique ways. They can be used to accentuate an otherwise plain archway or as a support for open shelving. You can also use them as bookends or as an interesting centerpiece for your dining room table.

Make It Magnificent With Moulding

Another tip on how to add architectural details to a home is to use moulding. Moulding is a decorative plane or strip of material that comes in various profiles and can be used just about anywhere to give a room a sense of depth. You can use multiple styles of moulding in a single room to add character. Or, you could stick to a simple trim that frames the room but doesn't compete too heavily with other architectural elements. If you want to balance practicality and beauty, you can opt for chair rail moulding, which looks great in any room and can protect your walls from damage when furniture scrapes or bumps against them.

Add Some Amazing Appliques or Onlays

An applique or onlay is a decorative architectural element that's used to embellish furniture, doorways, mirrors, mantles, and more. It has a carved, three-dimensional look on one side, and is completely flat on the other side so it can be adhered to a surface. If you have a flat surface that could use a decorative touch, a carved wooden or resin applique might be the answer. You can get them in a variety of styles. Some of the most common categories are swags, vertical drops, acanthus leaves, decorative centers, and rosettes.

Heartwood Carving's rosette block moulding could be the perfect addition to your home. Our carved wooden rosettes can be applied to a variety of flat surfaces. They're carved to order, which means we can carve them to your exact specifications, including size. Come and shop with us today to find the right kind of architectural details for your home!

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