Carved Trim, Casing, Architrave - Craftsman

Component View, Capital, Pilaster, Architrave (Header)

Detail View of Architrave
Detail View of Optional Keystone.

Carved Trim, Casing, Architrave - Craftsman


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A complete carved architrave solution for a standard single or double door interior or room pass through evoking the Craftsman period with stained glass inspired accents.

Craftsman styled vertical pilasters 4" wide with separated Capital and Plinth.  Optional Keystone shown.

Horizontally it is a single piece 5" wide Architrave of  Deco Frieze pattern with upper profiling.

Customized set up for larger openings by request.


Trim Collections are shipped as complete sets of carved components based on the model shown.

Pilasters are slightly oversized in length and on site trimming (chopsaw or handsaw required) for overall fitment will be required.

Carved standard in unfinished material in the wood choice selected.

Paint grade can be any hardwood available at our shop including wood that may be off color. Stain grade is generally sweet gum or similar light color. Please specify any other preference in notes. Custom requests welcome by inquiry.

Parts are made to order and lead times are generally 2-3 weeks till shipment.

Shipment is from Oregon.

Custom sizes are available by request.

Discounts available for larger or wholesale quantities, please inquire.

Returns -We do not accept returns without prior authorization and approval in advance.  Returns may be subject to a 25% or greater restocking fee for standard parts that are returned undamaged.  Return value is based on parts only and excludes shipping charges.  All charges and responsibility for returns are borne by the purchaser and are also non-refundable.  Custom parts are non-returnable and non-refundable. 


Single and Double Door Trim.


carved door casing trim