• What is the difference between your products and what is at my local store?
    We invite you to explore our carved wood Products section. When you see and handle our products you will be impressed by the quality of our woods and the sophistication of our designs. At Heartwood, we carve solid wood compared to the common board or mdf embossed or carved available at your local store. If you have other questions, whether they be about ornamental carvings, architectural details, or any other wood carving-related questions, please contact us. We encourage our customers and website visitors to find out more about us. Customer service is our top priority!
  • What level of design assistance do you provide?
    We are happy to give recommendations for which of our products will be best suited to the area you want to fill. Because we create components and not full installations we are not suited to design and entire project such as an entertainment center, kitchen, bar etc. We do provide full design services for custom components and are pleased to offer suggestions on size, design, and wood etc. on how the component will best suit the area where it is to be installed.
  • How can I get a custom quote and what information should I send?

    For a quote on a custom piece please send your best estimate on the quantity, dimensions and preferred wood type to hw.enquiry@heartwoodcarving.com. Include any available photos so that we may accurately estimate the design time required. We prefer multiple angles in good light (with no flash if possible) so that we can have as much visual information on the piece as possible. If you don't have photos a sketch and description will do. Please tell us if you are seeking a piece that is as exact as possible or work that is simply inspired by the original as this will affect design costs and what type of source material we require to create a 3-D computer model. Once the quote is approved we will confirm all the final details of quantity, dimension, wood type etc. When the 3-D model is complete we will send multiple views of the 3D model for your approval before we carve your custom piece.


    If you would like a quote on one of the products we already carry but would like to alter the art style or the dimensions please use our Quote Request Form.

  • What wood types do you use?
    All of our products are available in nearly any wood. Our standard offerings are Alder, Cherry, Red Oak, Maple, Mahogany(African) and Walnut,  Poplar is used for paint and stain grade, however for paint grade we may substitute any wood above. As wood is a living resource, color and grain may vary.  Heartwood Carving is committed to the use of sustainable wood. Heartwood Carving is committed to providing our clients with high quality FAS graded stocks that have been hand selected at our facility. Our wood carvings are made of renewable resources and we will not use old-growth forest or rainforest woods.
  • How do I know which wood to choose?
    Each wood species will behave differently under different lighting conditions and may age and change with exposure to light and moisture. We encourage you to sample some hardwoods from your local supplier before making your final selection. If our product will be placed on or near other wood using the same wood type is best, but if you are staining using a wood in a similar color family may work especially if you are using a dark stain.
  • Can I provide my own wood for you to carve?
    Yes, we will work with customer wood but it is not our preference. Producing ornate carved wood is a complex process where errors can occur or unexpected irregularities in wood can exist that are only discovered when being carved. By using our large stock of wood we are able to carve additional pieces as necessary. This is not often possible with a limited quantity of client stock. Because wood is a natural product there can be a lot of variation within each species. If you specify light/darkness, pore tightness and grain or if you are able to provide a small sample we are often able to source similar stock.

    We understand that carved wood is an investment in a home and how important it is to create a cohesive look. This can be greatly affected by grain and color especially when using a clear coat or light stain. Using client sourced wood is the best way to ensure that Heartwood components will exactly match others in an installation so we are happy to work with customer wood as needed. When choosing this option we ask that the pieces provided be wider and longer than the dimensions of the finished pieces so that we have wood for fixturing the pieces to the CNC table for machineing.
  • What type of finish will my piece have?
    All Heartwood products arrive unfinished unless stain or lacquer is specially ordered, at an additional cost. All carvings are cleaned from fuzz and machine artifact ready for your final prep and finishing. Many of Heartwood's components are installed with wood pieces sourced elsewhere and most clients will want to match to what already exists on site or use the same stain used elsewhere in the room.
  • What type of stain or finish should I use?
    The type of stain or finish depends on a number of factors including the type of wood and the look you want to achieve. We have found lacquers, wood oils, polyurethanes, latex or oil paints all have their advantages and disadvantages. They can all commonly be found at your local home improvement or wood crafting store which provide plenty of information for each product. With whatever product you choose we encourage you to TEST TEST TEST. This will save you valuable time and money. If you are still unsure consult a carpenter or other wood professional in your area.
  • What is the best lighting for carved panels?
    The look of carved wood will vary in different light. In the case of carved murals or carved doors, special attention to lighting will pay big dividends in the appearance and impact of your carved piece. In most cases a lighting angle of 15 to 30 degrees will give the most dramatic look. If possible, experiment by having someone hold a light above your carving at a time when the light in the room is subdued. You should be able to easily determine the best angle for your installation.
  • Can you make period moldings?
    We can reproduce custom period moldings directly for short runs (100-200') or we can offer the services of an established millwright, Architectural Millwork and Manufacturing here in Eugene, Oregon, www.archmillwork.com for larger order requirements.