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Decorative carved wood Keystones date back to Roman times and are often used to center an arch or bridge long lengths of molding. They are useful for drawing attention to a central focal point. All Heartwood wood carved art can be applied in a classic keystone shape, integral to the piece or stand off from the surface and custom carved to your requirements.
Catalog 2014
Item #: cat2014
2014 Catalog -  16 Page catalog with our most popular items.  Available free with your order when added to...
Keystone - Acanthus
Item #: KS-AC3
A wood keystone of a carved acanthus with stacked coin detail suitable for use in joining moldings or centering a...
Onlay - Acanthus with Volutes Oval
Item #: ON-ACCAR
A carved acanthus with volutes in an oval setting for centerpiece onlay to a keystone or a flat panel accent.
Keystone - Acanthus with Stacked Coins
Item #: KS-AC4
A carved keystone featuring an acanthus carving with sides and stacked coins above. Tapered thickness top to bottom. Width refers...
Keystone - Celtic Knot Arched
Item #: KS-CELK
An arched keystone featuring a celtic knot center motif and perimeter beading. Sides are at a standard angle of 22.5°....
Keystone - Celtic Knot Arched Simple
Item #: KS-CELKS
An arched keystone featuring a celtic knot center motif anda simple perimeter border. Sides are at a standard angle of...
Keystone - Classic Pineapple
Item #: KS-PINC
A wood keystone arrangement for the classic carved pineapple suitable for use in joining moldings or centering a cabinet header....
Keystone - Nouveau Folds
Item #: KS-NV1
A carved keystone featuring the nouveau folds art. Constant thickness standard. Width refers to the width at the top. ...
Keystone Block - Empire Deco
Item #: KS-DECO
A Center Block - Keystone featuring an art deco relief common to the period. Width and Height can...
Keystone - Lion & Scroll
Item #: KS-LION
Keystone featuring a lion head with accompanying scrollwork in a standard 22.5 degree cut angle. Decorative Lions have been...
Keystone - Running Horse
Item #: KS-HORSE
A carved keystone featuring a running horse inset with chip carve background and rope accent. Sides are at a standard...
Keystone - Classic Shell carving w Scrolls Inset
Item #: KS-CS
This representation of a very classic raised shell carving, inset, with accompanying decorative scrolls as a keystone plaque. Sides...
Item #: ON-NF1
Tapered Onlay with elegantly designed transitional / art deco inspired carved folds that can be standalone or applied to a...
Keystone - Wine Grapes
Item #: KS-GRP
A wood keystone arrangement of wine grapes suitable for use in joining moldings or centering a cabinet header. There are...